22 Jun 2007

in my dream

photoshop art design .. it takes from me ( i mean the girl).. only 3 days .
but unfortunately I started feeling fed up , ( as usual ) :/.. i don't know but if i started to do some thing really i hate to be corrupted .

soooooooooooo.. because i'm lazy girl, i just use a picture from the D-Art stock as a background & it was really perfect LooooooooL..

ohhhhhhh thank you ..thank you all.. wallah no need no need ..

In My Dream

Programme : Photoshop CS2

layers : 45

Brushes : 3 ( faires, star dust, swirly line )

LooooooooooooooL it's a nice mixing here ...

loser ..


Anonymous said...

وايد حلوه الرسمه
الرسم شئ حلو صج متعب لكن فيه تعلق اكثر من النصوص
تتوقيع راح يطوفني
شي هني اذا بسافر
سؤال بتم حاير لتاريخ الرجوع

Straniero said...

So once again we are ready to push down from the window somebody. I feel as if this world is becoming strict to hold all of us. Any way LAZY lady, as you defined your self, It is a very nice work what you have done. And it's very nice to see that you work on different things, writing, painting and considering poor people who can not understand women even having 40 years old. What I demand any way Do they know What woman is?
Be well.

MANAF said...

its realy nice


Q8DOLL said...

والله حلوه الرسمه
خصوصا البنت شكلها حلوو
وبعدين انتي كسوله مثلي فممكن نعتبر هالرسمه بروجيكت :)
بوست حلو

a7La eNG said...

hmmm ..

so 3 days to mix them ..

ana za3aaaaaalt ..

u r talented Non .. we've seen ur work before .. u dont need others backgroung or photos to edit them w elly u did b this pic.

Dont let them disturbe u .. put a sign on ur door ( i'm in the phase now ;pP) yet they'll ask What phase hehe ;**

nice mix though .. me like akeed .. bs got really down when saw the originals :/

نون النساء said...


حايشتني حالة ملل مو طبيعية


كنت قاعده ارسم الخلفية مالت البنت
شي ثاني

صج صج مليت منها
الخلفية مو البنيا

<<<<< الصبر معدوم عندي
عشان جذي انا بسرعه أعصب

don't worry next time you will be satisfied , i'm sure of that ..



Q8doll :

yeah,, it's only a project ..
i'm trying to fill my free time ..

بس مرات مالي خلق حق جذي

نون النساء said...

manaf :



Straniero :

believe me ..not all of the time..

امممممم الرسم مجال الهواية الأول
اما الجرافكس فهو خط مستحدث
يعوضني عن امكانياتي البسيطة
في استخدام الألوان

regarding your question ..ummmm for me.. walla even me i don't know ..

فكلنا نجتمع تحت مسمى


الذيب :


صح وتاخذ وقت اكبر
وتركيز اكثر


مااعتقد بيطوفك شي

تروح وترد بالسلامة

Anonymous said...

طافك امس
ليه ماجيتي الهلتون


charisma said...

الرسمه وايد حلوه

نون انا احب كل رسماتج
مميزه انت بكل شى
برسمج بفكرج

الله يحفظج

Jeff said...

It's nice to see you at work again and I can see that even if you had to compromise by borrowing some work not yours for a background that you are getting to be a better painter.

Not only do you have real talent at creating beautiful original things, but you fight to keep doing it. You have stick-to-itiveness. When I look at your collection, sometimes it takes my breath away how beautiful some of the things you do are.

Keep stealing the minutes and hours you need.

a7La eNG said...

Nooooon ...

i really wanna know what do u think abt my last post :D

e7m e7m .. cuz i trust ur point of views AND u r the ideal author to me :*

it's only 4 u to read :**

charisma said...

نون النساء

عسى ماشر
عسى مو مضايقتج بشى
عاد كلش ولا انتى

Anonymous said...

hello there,

nice blog

ZoZOta said...

ولهت عليج
ولهت على كلماتج
ولهت على الخيال
ولهت على الإلهام

وينج يا نون
ان شاء الله المانع خير

كويتيه مقهورة said...

نونه الحلووه والله ولج وحشه

شنو هالفناتق بصراحه صار

لي ساعه وربع وأنا أفتر بمدونج

ولامليت بجد بجد تونس ووكل مافيها رائع

مثل روعة صاحبته ..برجع أكيييد

كويتيه مقهورة

نون النساء said...


اي هلتون



مشكوووورة حبيبة قلبي
بس ترا طقطقة
تمضية وقت فراغ
not a real think ..



ام النمل

hello you. .
thanks a lot ..

نون النساء said...

الزيـــــــــــن كله

المانع خير ان شاء الله
تقدرين تقولين اللي منعني
New babies ..


كويتية مقهورة

انتي ويييييييينج
كل هالمدة
والله اخترعت عليج
من القنابل اللي ببلوغج

AseeL said...

I liked ur work

nice :)

نون النساء said...

احلا انجووو

check your comments sweet heart :*


نون النساء said...

first of all i want to thank you for your support , i'm really appreciate ..

you know sometime we feel like we don't want to do any thing ..
or you want to do it badly but you don't have the mood :/

& thats the result , some thing we're not going to throw it coz it takes from us a time to work on it, so it deserve to keep it like the above illustrator .

i'm keeping trying , actually i'm planning to take courses in oil painting in Kuwait Art Institute but just waiting ma vacation . :P~

Lady Godiva said...

its soooo great

Broke said...

I'm passing by to say Hi ..
And Miss u ..


.. ?
.. ?
.. !

a7La eNG said...

NoN ... ?

i know u'r busy .. but ..

u'r soooo missed here walah :(

hope u'r doing great ;*

ZoZOta said...

انتى وينج

لا حس ولا خبر يا نووووون

لعل المانع خير حبيبتي

لا تطولين

AseeL said...

loved it.. fantasteeca!
and the vision is reveal ur insider

really i like photoshop works and love to know all its secrets...

but 45 layers!.. hawant ma teswa 3aly :(

waiting for your new words non :)

نون النساء said...

me to wallah

but u know now the reasons..


a :* for ya ..


A7la Eng

I'm here
ya3nee near wallah..

:* for u too


نون النساء said...

الزين كله

ياعمري انتي
موجودة والله
بس فرحانة بأخواني اليدد
خذوا قلبي



if you love it far enough to learn you will do it very easy believe me..

thanks a lot dear ..

اما الكتابة

خليها على الله

المزاج مرة ألوان
ومرة كلمات
والظاهر راح نبدا كلمات

hamdool said...

GOOD work
w I love Suad Hosni's
pictures .. dayman
those pictures yethakroony
bel ayyam el 7elwa welly
netmanna terja3 fatrat'ha.

Keep up the great work


Anonymous said...

I got a lump in my throat when I thought of that.